[Wine] Partial Keyboard Functionality In Old PC Game (Heavy Gear 2)

ediv09 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Oct 8 18:05:31 CDT 2011

Hey folks,

I've been trying to get Heavy Gear 2 (awesome old Activision mech FPS game) up and running on wine. The game requires Direct X 6, which necessitates that I run wine configured to Windows version 95 or 98. Everything works fine except for the fact that SOME, actually the majority of the keys on my (laptop) keyboard don't work. 

To be more specific, all keys seem to work when in the game's various menus. For example, modifying the control setup is no problem. However, once the actual game launches only a small subset of the keyboard is responsive (arrow keys, ESC, TAB, and a few others). If anyone could help me troubleshoot this problem it would be much appreciated. It is an old retired game, but there is a nostalgia-steeped crowd of devotees who are currently unable to play it on their newer Windows machines, and as is often the case, I'm hoping Linux can be made the solution.


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