[Wine] current directory setting at startup?

Roald Ribe roald.ribe at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 10 02:40:19 CDT 2011

Platform X86, Ubuntu 11.04 32-bit, wine 1.3.15


When I try to launch a game in wine, the game requires the directory where the .exe file is located to be the current directory at startup time. If I start the game by clicking on it in Nautilus, this seems to be handled automatically. But when I try to start the game by invoking it from an icon defined in Main Menu, it stops because it can not locate it's files.

When launching a program with the wine command, like:
wine "c:/Program Files/Claw/CLAW.EXE"
the program starts but reports that it can not load resource files.

If I make a .bat file like:
cd "\Program Files\Claw"

the game will start correctly, invoked by
wine start "c:/Program Files/Claw/claw.bat"

It seems to me that there should be an additional parameter in the wine command, to set the current directory before the executable is invoked. This would correspond with how a program is defined in progman.exe as well. It should not be necessary to make a script or write a batch file for each program. Or maybe I have missed an easy way to acheive this essential functionality?


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