[Wine] Re: Oneiric Ocelot Package missing from PPA

GlennLChugg wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Oct 11 07:06:36 CDT 2011

Scott Ritchie took my Whining about this serious, the first thing he did when .30 came out was package up oneiric for the PPA


So if you want the latest WINE for Ubuntu 11.10 then follow the instructions above and even tho it's not yet mentioned as being available for 11.10 it IS!

Thanks Scott, I am very happy now.

Can't wait to see what 11.10 will do for the Linux Community - I've had lots of fun this time around, usually I am fighting with Linux until it beats me in to submission and I go crawling back to Windows, but I've stayed in this new Ubuntu and have learned many new things.

I'll keep reporting bugs in the future and will follow them through till they are fixed. WINE is vital for Linux gamers and those tools that just aren't available to Linux users yet... C'mon GIMP 2.7.3+ for Ubuntu x64... I like Single window mode, they just need to auto size the canvas on each layer, the yellow bounding boxes just annoy me :D he he he.

Well back to the grind stone.

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