[Wine] Re: Help with Supreme Commander Forged Alliance

- Lady - wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Oct 12 07:40:12 CDT 2011

In fact I don`t need playonlinux at all, I just wanted try it out. I removed it already. And playonlinux doesn`t matter at all here, since the same error occurs again.

> First: That version of Wine is about 10 weeks old and there have been
> many changes to Wine since then. 

Huh? Excuse me, but don`t I have to run the games with the version with which it was tested ?

I did the backleveling like was I told here:

> "You might want to try
> back-leveling to a lower version (1.3.28 is the latest, but SC was
> tested last with 1.3.21). "

Should I install the game again with the newest version?

I think it`s a patch error. The patch wont install no matter where I download it (patch version 3599 for Supreme Commander FA)

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