[Wine] Re: Mac - Program Installation Troubles

carya wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Oct 13 08:59:07 CDT 2011

Had the same problem. 

Followed the same guide to a T, and grabbed assorted and sundry simple exe files, installs and straight executables, and had the same problem.

wine: Bad EXE format for Z:\Users\....

The build was flawless from what I observed. This was supposed to be a trial go. The first attempt generated more information: 

wine: created the configuration directory '/Users/carya/.wine'
fixme:system:SetProcessDPIAware stub!
fixme:dwmapi:DwmIsCompositionEnabled 0x33c534
fixme:file:MoveFileWithProgressW MOVEFILE_WRITE_THROUGH unimplemented
fixme:advapi:SetNamedSecurityInfoW L"C:\\windows\\system32\\gecko\\1.0.0\\wine_gecko\\components\\xpti.dat" 1 536870916 0x0 0x0 0x1ff564 0x0
fixme:iphlpapi:NotifyAddrChange (Handle 0xa73f518, overlapped 0xa73f520): stub
fixme:file:MoveFileWithProgressW MOVEFILE_WRITE_THROUGH unimplemented
fixme:advapi:SetNamedSecurityInfoW L"C:\\windows\\system32\\gecko\\1.0.0\\wine_gecko\\components\\compreg.dat" 1 536870916 0x0 0x0 0x1d352c4 0x0
fixme:event:wait_for_withdrawn_state window 0x1005c/c00001 wait timed out
fixme:event:wait_for_withdrawn_state window 0x20070/a00001 wait timed out
wine: configuration in '/Users/carya/.wine' has been updated.
err:module:map_image Could not map section .text, file probably truncated
err:module:map_image Could not map section .text, file probably truncated
wine: Bad EXE format for Z:\Users\....

I looked around in .wine/ (being new to this and all) and saw : 

lrwxr-xr-x  1 carya  staff   10 Oct 13 06:28 c: -> ../drive_c
lrwxr-xr-x  1 carya  staff    1 Oct 13 06:28 z: -> /

Looked in all the other files in that directory and nothing stood out as a source of a glitch other than possibly configurations that weren't customized properly. 

Any advice on where to go from here would be helpful. At the very least now I have ports working, whereas it wasn't before, and I have the latest XQuartz and all of XCode installed now.

Thanks in advance.

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