[Wine] problems installing wine 1.3.24/sketchup 8/on fedora 15

Martin Gregorie martin at gregorie.org
Thu Oct 13 11:30:23 CDT 2011

On Thu, 2011-10-13 at 09:40 -0500, onewaydave wrote:

> If I go to a terminal, and enter $wine sketchup, I am told that;
>  wine: cannot find LC:\\windows\\system32\\sketchup.exe
> Sketchup is in /home/dgw/.wine/c_drive/Program Files
> (x86)/Google/Sketchup8
So what happens if you run:

	cd ".wine/c_drive/Program Files (x86)/Google/Sketchup8"
	wine sketchup

within a terminal?

Experimenting with icons and their associated launchers under 
Fedora 15/Gnome 3 is *much* harder than it used to be with Gnome 2
under Fedora 14 and earlier releases. IME we've really been crapped on
by Gnome thanks to totally insufficient thought being put into its
design. I can only hope that Gnome 3.2, which is in Fedora 16, will be a
huge improvement but I'm not holding my breath since everything I've
read so far says they've been wasting their time building fripperies
like IM and calendars into it. However, I digress...

The fact remains that under Gnome 3 you can't edit an existing launcher,
only delete it and create a new one. You use the "Main Menu" tool to do
this, which is confusingly filed under 'Other' rather than 'System
Tools' on the Activities|Applications page. Because its so difficult to
hack about with icons and launchers, I *strongly* suggest you first get
any application running from a terminal session by writing a wrapper
script. For sketchup this would be a four line script like this:

<code scriptname="sketchup">
export WINEPREFIX=.wine_sketchup
cd "$WINEPREFIX/c_drive/Program Files (x86)/Google/Sketchup8"
wine sketchup

which assumes you'll follow best practise and put each app in a separate
Wine prefix, in this case called ".wine_sketchup".  When you've created
the script you *must* make it executable: 

	chmod uga+x sketchup 

before trying to run it. When the script is working, put it somewhere
safe: $HOME/bin or /usr/local/bin are both good places. Make sure the
one you choose is on the search path. IIRC /usr/local/bin is on it by
default but $(HOME)/bin isn't. This is fixed by extending $PATH as
needed: edit $HOME/.bash_profile so it contains something like:

and then logout and login again to make bash pick up the extended search
path. Now you can use the "Main Menu" tool to add a launcher that runs
your script to the 'Other' menu section.


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