[Wine] Re: Possibly OpenGL related error messages

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Oct 14 06:32:40 CDT 2011

ischou wrote:
> I'm assuming that it installs over the X11 in /opt/X11?  I don't want to mess with a currently working X11, so I guess I'll hold off.  It's interesting that it works correct when run in a virtual desktop.  What's the difference to the Wine X11 driver when running in a virtual desktop?

XQuartz you get here is the only thing that installs to /opt/X11 ... so yes it'll replace what you have there.  Apple's version is installed to /usr/X11 and if you install off Macports it'll be in /opt/local

If you want to keep your /opt/X11 install just to do a test, rename the folder to something like /opt/X11Backup, rename XQuartz.app to something else too and then install, and if it doesn't work for ya, and you don't want it, just delete /opt/X11 and the new XQuartz.app and rename your old ones back.

Many many games work correctly with a Virtual Desktop and not otherwise, so its not that uncommon... If you use Wineskin to port, it has an option to override and set manually graphics options and you can run a fullscreen thats faked to look fullscreen but is really a virtual desktop in Wine, you just cannot tell.  You can try to do this manually, but you'd need to launch XQuartz non-standard so there was no quartz-wm (or it'll mess up the placement) and try to xrandr in an xterm to the right resolution.  Another benefit of Wineskin is that it has its own version of X11 built in, so the system version doesn't matter.  It of course is a 3rd party app and not supported here.

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