[Wine] New User

wolf16 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Oct 16 10:40:10 CDT 2011


I just downloaded Wine to try it out, and despite being a tinkerer with half a brain i cant figure out how to install windows games using it.

I have looked online to no avail, the stuff i have read has not helped mostly because im trying to install a game from its DVD and Wine wont do it unless the EXE is given permission to install as a program and you cant edit files on the DVD as they are permanent.

Also I don't really understand some of what im reading despite being intelligent so can someone tell me how to install Windows games from disks or give me a link where they will actually tell you and not waffle on about everything but installing..

If it helps im trying to install Fallout 2 from the Fallout Collection disk which includes 1,2 and Fallout Tactics. i followed procedure right clicking on the exe and selecting Wine but its locked unless i can edit permissions which obviously I cant on a disk.

I am fairly new to Linux and am using Ubuntu 'Natty' and am comfortable with it but am a complete newb when it comes to things like Wine.

Thanks for the help.

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