[Wine] Forte Agent 6 make Wine crash

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 16 21:35:05 CDT 2011

On 10/16/11 6:31 PM, joergjaeger wrote:
> I have tried but it seems still to not work.
> The title is actually misleading. It is the application to be installed that crashes. Or is it wine, not sure.
> Here the output again, if this helps.
> Code:
> wine agentenu600-1186.exe
> err:virtual:map_file_into_view failed to set 00000005 protection on file map, noexec filesystem?
I see from the comment below that you are trying to run this from an 
NTFS partition.  Was it mounted read/write?
> 00000008 (D) Z:\media\Windows\Documents and Settings\Joerg Jaeger\Documents\agentenu600-1186.exe
Move the file to a Linux file system and try running it again.  Running 
files from an existing Windows file system is spotty.


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