[Wine] Re: Problem with Sound sync

Evil_Igel wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Oct 18 12:19:29 CDT 2011

F***ing Hell, will it EVER works, EVER!???

Arrghhh... The solution by emulating the sound in Wine instead of full processing to prevent the missmatch between the Pointer and the sound is no soklution at all.
Sometimes the sound scratches ans stocks a lot cause of performance/speed reasons (ive got a Quadcore but what did THAT means these days...) and sometimes Wine and GuitarPro hangs/crashes without Error-message.
MIDI isnt working in 1.3.3 either.

Actually i am pissed off of Arobas, who dont get it to realise a stable, functional 64bit-Version of GP for Linux... All they offer are Hacks and System-unfriendly moves to give it a try if anything is running after that at all...

Whatever, maybe someone has a idea how i can get MIDI work in Wine?
Die RSE isnt an option for me it seems.

Thanks in advice!!

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