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Its not only the women who strut around in their 60s and 70s gear. The man can be cool, too, in disco shirts or 60s jacket. A pocket watch will add drama to their retro fashion statement, no fear here. Another thing  they can add a shine to their feet with platform shoes. Mens Dress Watches Dress Up Man Men and women are wired differently; parallel, mutually exclusive worlds that neither psychology nor lab work can change. But talk of retro fashion, the twains meet. Fashion unites the two diverse spheres and with good results. Women have their mini-skirts, fishnet stockings, post-war American Bebops, and Grace Kelly formals. Dont forget the peddle-pushers and Capri pants. Men, on the other hand, dress their hides with butterfly collar shirts, blazers, and sports coats. They also have their hot pink shirt and tie and knit dress shirts that make a powerful statement in the boardroom. On the dance floors, they rave in hot retro styles. lady bag (http://www.bag126.com/) Now who says men cant go retro? Once they flash out a pocket watch, the picture is finally connected to the last missing dot. Vintage fashion and accessories do not diminish a mans sexiness; Hermes cheap (http://www.bag126.com/) instead, it enhances their looks and gives them the individual style they crave. With the hip-hop fashion or thug fashion out there, theres nothing like 50s, 60s, or 70s style to get into the right groove. Hip-hop is having its day, but can you impress a business client or the boss in hip-hop fashion? Not a chance. Heating Up Female Hormones The 1960s vintage shorts with groovy cartoon graphics can hold the attention of inquisitive women. They cant help but read, Love not War, Flower Power, and Goodnight David, Goodnight Goliath, plastered all over the shorts. Why not strike up a conversation with a stunning brunette? Thats good for opening lines at the beach. During those camping jaunts with the gang, heat up the scene with a 1940s black and red hunting wool shirt. Boy! Youll stand out from the herd in their usual get-up. The 60s vintage jacket lightens up every mood with its pale yellow shade. You wont be out there competing for compliments. Just imagine the stunning impression made when you wear the red hot leather coat, which steamed the night scenes in the 1960s and 1970s. It was an eye-grabber  guys lined up at the ticket booths to see the movies of Julie Andrews, Natalie Wood, Warren Beatty, Kirk Douglas, and Sean Connery. Pant Sexy The 60s was the scene for slogans on shorts, pants, and shirts. The flower power was everywhere, wall graffiti repeated on pants and shirts. Yes, it was the era of protest. Gucci cheap (http://www.bag126.com/) Rare 60s pants are expensive, but worth the effort if you want the same anti-war slogans. In the 70s, the teens tripped the light fantastic in disco pubs lost themselves to the beat of disco music, drowning out the 1960s beat. The new wave was ruled by Pink Floyd. Eagles, Genesis and others made it to the charts with the disbandment of the 1960s pop icons  the Beatles. Another revolution was on the way and fashion went along. Male Sexy Remember the frilly tux worn by George Harrison? Well, its coming back with a vengeance! Men can party and look super sexy with the frills and bows. That was some attitude. Sexy Macho Vintage is here to stay. Giddy up! Sexy Macho Vintage

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