[Wine] Re: [Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst] gurus & advice needed

dk wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Oct 19 00:14:51 CDT 2011

Sorry I haven't had a chance to post sooner. I had trouble getting Arch working on my notebook and then the new Ubuntu was just released last week so I've been too occupied with getting everything re-installed and running again. I just had a chance to compile Wine 1.3.30 tonight so I should get a chance to post new test data tomorrow.

I did have an opportunity to install two fresh copies of Windows XP (English) on separate machines last week to test that official typing issue (which may or may not be related to our Wine bug #27293). A default install of SP3 (up-to-date with DirectX, patches & hotfixes) installed PSO 1.24.3 fine and typing worked. On the second box I installed the eastern language support (thinking that may trigger it) but it didn't - I was able to type and create my character without any issues. One of my friends suggested that it might have been some other software that those people had installed that interfered with the program - something like the language bar support in Office. We didn't have an available copy so we couldn't see if that was what it was.

As for the typing issue - here are the current theories we should investigate (feel free to add others):

- some of the imm32 functions being called in Wine are incomplete and do not fail gracefully
- the user's desktop environment (or shell) might be interfering with Wine, and in turn the game
- the modified exes (Schthack, Teth) appear to have had a typing patch applied that may help avoid bug #27293 * 

* Both Schthack and the Teth exes were based on the Japanese version of the game so we're not sure what the nature of the patch was - (e.g. support for the english language files? support for Vista/Win7?)

JHaleIT wrote:
> .. Sorry for triple post. Here's a snapshot of the ship select screen..
> ..and the log when i try to go to the main lobby..

@JHaleIT - thanks for posting those! First (and most importantly) please upload the log file to the bug page here:


(There's some people on the CC list that will be auto-notified when you do - I'm not sure how many of them know or stay up to date with this thread.)

Second - what kind of graphics card are you using? (I'm more interested in brand - is it an ATI?)

Thirdly, what version of Wine were you using?

Lastly, (and please forgive my ignorance) is that a Mac or a Linux distro really well disguised? (if so what distro?)

Thank you!

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