[Wine] Re: [Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst] gurus & advice needed

dk wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Oct 19 14:44:42 CDT 2011

JHaleIT wrote:
> .. I'm using a 13' mac mid 2010 with 10.7.2 lion and the video card is a built in nvidia 320M. I bought it like a week before the macs they have out now. I'm glad I did, because the new macs have Intel HD graphics. The wine version is 1.3.30 and I'm using wineskin to turn it into an individual app. I'll add the logs to there.

Thanks for getting back with the hardware info. A long time ago I could have sworn that I was able to get this far with Wine. I mentioned this on the bug page and even tried going through each version of Wine back to when I started using Ubuntu as my primary OS. It didn't dawn to me then at the time but back then I had a different notebook that used an ATI GPU. (that's the reason I asked about the hardware)

I'm not familiar with the 320M. Is that one of the chipsets that automatically switches between the GPU and CPU (Intel) graphics? If it is (and just to cover all bases) is it possible that the graphics were being rendered by the CPU when you were playing the game? (I'm not sure what the threshold is for the GPU to kick in. The system requirements for Blue Burst were pretty low and the game is capable of being run under integrated graphics - especially on modern hardware.) Also - you were still in the menu screens and while the lobby geometry is 3D it's less complicated than say, the ship or the planet. I'm wondering if your CPU was powering the graphics and if it crashed when the GPU was called in for extra muscle. Just a thought.

Anyone else have an machine with integrated Intel graphics that they can test this theory on?

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