[Wine] Re: Functionality with SetWindowsHookEx WH_JOURNALPLAYBACK

raja_s_patil wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Oct 19 20:19:21 CDT 2011

lahmbi5678 wrote:
> It seems a bit strange, that newer wine versions are that unstable for you. Maybe you should install a recent wine version, move or rename your .wine folder and create a new .wine folder by running winecfg (that will automatically create a new .wine folder). Then install your application again in the new .wine folder. 
> If it still doesn't work, you can delete the newer .wine folder and move the old .wine folder back.
> In that case you should file a bug, and provide a link to a free trial version of your app, if possible. The best thing would be a demo app with all unneeded functionality removed, just enough code to demonstrate the bug.
> Unfortunately it might take some time, until this bug is fixed. If you need it running right now, you might be better off with a VM like virtualbox, VMWare.

Thanks lahmbi5678,

I will try once again with new version Installed directly from Wine repositories with changes you have suggested and test. I will also create a small application specifically using the functionality I need and Post it here along with sources so that experts can apply their minds to full extent. I will try to do it today itself. Resolution of issue can be extended by couple of weeks say by this month end or 1st week of Nov due to other functional changes in application are in progress as per new requirements from client. Client is also discussing with employees and judging "what if this functionality is missing" for switch over to Linux at Lan Nodes.

By today evening or latest by tomorrow I will post the updates on this issue along with problems after switching to new version.

Thanks and warm regards.


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