[Wine] R4 Evo build ..... yep im at it again !

WillisFabros wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Oct 20 03:09:26 CDT 2011

Well im back to bore the rabble of the TAG some more , with another build , so ive got a excuse not to do christmas shopping with the lady when it comes !. 
So ive got my G0704 mill CNC,d running with ballscrews , 360oz motors with the Gecko G540 and all i can say is thank F***K ive finaly got that piece of crap X2 junked in the corner of my shed  . Im more than happy with the performance of the Gecko despite others saying it wouldnt work on this size machine , ok its not going to do speed records but its a hobbie mill not a comercial machine. The machine is just SO MUCH better than the X2 its untrue. I can finaly mill with the cutter being true to all axis and without the X2 column flexing away like a flag pole on a heavy cut. Its holding .06 of backlash on the X and Y axis with the Z axis having .18 ...dooohhh ,which i cant find where its coming from ...hmmm ? more investigating  
So ive started to build a bullpup along the lines of the T4. I always thought that the T4 could of been better , there were a few things that niggled me about the design ie. only 8 shots and the complex cocking. 
The bullpup mag has got 12 pellets this time which was easier to design as the mag didnt have to rotate so far and a side cocking handle to make the gun easy to cock. Its also smaller in size with the breach about 15mm shorter than the T4 . 
Im also thinking of making this a multi pump with the idea that i could pump a cylinder with enough air for 12 full power shots. Getting a dive cylinder filled around here is a pain and expensive . Im still working on the drawings for the multi pump which il post later but im going to try and make it. 

The breach is complete apart from some engraving , also the cocking handle and mag indexing bar. Ive had abit of time in my shed !. 
And this one is for Millie .... my long time partner in crime ! , co conspirator in the Russian T4 gun copy scandal , motivator when all was lost and all round cheese and ham monster who died last week of old age. 
Some will say the Russian secret service finaly got to her for her part in the T4 scandal but i can confirm her death was from natural causes. 
I miss her greatly . 
L8r All 
P.S it looks like im about to be a dad at the age of 40 ......shoot me now someone .... please !  

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