[Wine] Re: Functionality with SetWindowsHookEx WH_JOURNALPLAYBACK

raja_s_patil wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Oct 20 13:19:38 CDT 2011

lahmbi5678 wrote:
> An alternative approach, if your app always has focus, might be to track WM_SYSKEYDOWN events, these are triggered, when you press keys like <Ctrl>, <Shift>, etc. Once such an event was triggered, you'd have to check if the <B> key is pressed (at the same time) too, to track something like <Ctrl-Shift-B>. 
> Again, this proposal comes without warranty.

Yes lahmbi5678, posting series of SYSKEYDOWN and SYSKEYUP events is an alternate option we have thought of if "SetWindowsHookEx WH_JOURNALPLAYBACK" is not working as expected in wine. But in this there is flaw that if Focus is changed from application then its not possible to restore it back since all messages will be posted w.r.t. a Application handle.
Exactly this was done when we developed a Test application to have key stuffing functionality and later it was changed to use SetWindowsHookEx WH_JOURNALPLAYBACK after seeing the drawback. Unfortunately we dont have source for that since it was discarded long back when SetWindowsHookEx WH_JOURNALPLAYBACK started functioning satisfactorily But we remember a broad outline of work to do. so we have spend couple of days to get back to that point of a lame keystuffing functionality but happy that at least 90-95% requirement will be fulfilled.

Hoping that SetWindowsHookEx WH_JOURNALPLAYBACK works fine with wine.

Thanks and warm regards


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