[Wine] Makefile.in is not created (Cygwin)

KenSharp wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Oct 22 12:41:00 CDT 2011

Evening all.

Cygwin creates a home directory based on the user name of the Windows user (/home/Ken\ Sharp for example).

Unfortunately the space screws up the creation of Makefile.in after running a configure - indeed it is not created at all, but there is no error from configure.  Creating a new directory with no spaces in the path seems to solve this (/home/ken).

[At this point I'm not sure if having configure in the directory with spaces is the problem, or the compile directory having spaces is the problem - I will check this but it is incredibly slow.]

This may be a Cygwin bug, and may be well known, but I cannot find any details on this.

Can anyone help?  Is this a bug?  Should configure be making sure Makefile.in is created before claiming to complete successfully?

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