[Wine] Re: Need help with Oblivion

SpawnHappyJake wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Oct 22 16:33:52 CDT 2011

1.3.30 was when Oblivion first stated working for me. Before 1.3.30 everything except sound worked. Then in 1.3.30 with their drastic sound implementation change (what's under the audio tab in winecfg looks completely different, it automatically chooses a driver, and other cool improvements...like this!), Oblivion works perfectly, except for a crash-glitch when an enemy first sees me in a certain ruin. I plan on researching that more later.

Anyways, is Oblivion in its own prefix? If not, I recommend installing into a clean prefix with 1.3.30 (or higher).

I did not need any dll overrides or winetricks or config changes. It worked "out of the box."

I did not need to run Oblivion in a virtual desktop, either. I see that you are running it in a virtual desktop. Oblivion has its own resolution settings, and you can make it exactly fit your screen. If you have more than one monitor, say one "regular" and the other widescreen, and it keeps going to the regular screen, you can disable the regulat monitor with Ubuntu's monitor config doo-dad, forcing it to go to the widescreen monitor. The doo-dad is "gnome-display-properties" if using Gnome.

Also, I think 1.3.31 isn't supposed to leave your Linux desktop resolution all messed up when you exit the game. Previously, Wine messes up your resolution when you close out of a full-screen Windows program.

So try it not in a virtual desktop.

I love Oblivion. Such a great game.

BTW, keep the wrist irons. Not only do they look bombastically awesome (BA, [Wink] ), they weigh nothing and can't degrade, meaning you will never have to repair them. That makes them get for enchanting later on. I enchanted mine for water breathing and named them "Diving Rings".

If you have Oblivion installed on a Windows side as well as in a Wine prefix on your Linux side, you can make a symlink in your prefix folder that goes to your Oblivion saves on your Windows side. So far that works for me, even though you're not supposed to let Windows applications ran in Wine touch NTFS. Maybe that lead to a corrupt save file causing the crash mentioned earlier. I have all my saves backed up to an external anyways though. You might want to too, [Wink] .

Also, I use CDEmu to mount an iso of my Oblivion disc I made instead of inserting the disc. Just another tip.  :) 


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