[Wine] Re: Rage

lievendp wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Oct 23 09:10:26 CDT 2011

I'm also having troubles getting it to run on my gentoo.

using a gtx560ti with the latest nvidia drivers for linux 285.05.09

it fails with the error:
Failed to create XAudio2 engine
which is described on the installation page.

so I try:
lieven at cthulhu ~ $ ./winetricks xact_jun2010
Executing w_do_call xact_jun2010
xact_jun2010 already installed, skipping
lieven at cthulhu ~ $ ./winetricks vcrun2010
Executing w_do_call vcrun2010
vcrun2010 already installed, skipping

so no help there.

the install was done using an msi-install of steam, not winetricks because it creates a new prefix. my install is in the only ~/.wine prefix.

any suggestions?

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