BkS wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Oct 23 12:16:19 CDT 2011

The bugs have been reported, regression test? Enlighten me please.

I do not have enough room to install another distro, as my HDD it literally full. I have no idea if wine is using the winepulse driver, like I said everything is at defaults and when I goto test the sound, winecfg crashes and closes. 

[quote=dimesio]As for how to straighten out your package manager problem, ask on the Ubuntu forum. It is not a Wine issue.[/quote]

How can you say that it isn't a WINE issue? The 1.3.29 DAILY ppa, labelled as that yet it is 1.3.30? It's not a package manager problem as my package manager is fine, and I've tried everything to install a downgraded version of WINE from here. So yes. It is a WINE issue!!!

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