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JuanPabloCuervo wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Oct 23 14:11:06 CDT 2011

> The removal of the audio configuration menu is not what caused that. A regression test is needed to find out what did. A user who really wanted their problem fixed would do it. Insulting the developers who were trying to help you is just trolling. 

it was working flawless when it had the audio config menu...
because i could select the best driver...

the automatic driver cant detect the best driver for every application/ HW set up.

i have:
ALSA Drivers.
JACK Drivers.
OSS Drivers.
ESound Drivers.
& Other i can't remember.

Mr. Bugs changes the title name, "edits my Bug" to his will.

for example:
the Title of one of myBugs was:
Paperbak Prints Empty...

Mr.Bugs changed that to:
Paperbak can't find printer.

Paperbak Prints Empty...

Detlef Riekenberg wrote:
Paperback find all printers here with Wine 1.3.29
and print, but the output is total black.

Bug was closed by Austin English.

but the BUG still exists....

other Bug, the Original Title was not:
No sound if pavucontrol is closed.
disapeared driver selection from Audio tab.

so what are we playing?
Mr.Bugs changes the title name to confuse developers..
Austin English can close the unresoved Bug.

so Microsoft Stocks go up... because "Open Source is unreliable"?

Mr.Bugs does not work for Microsoft ?

to me:
Andrew Eikum
Dmitry Timoshkov.

are Traitors. LOL.

not shure about you & Austin English.

i can install Windows again, & everything works...

haven't you seen Bill Gates purchasing Homer Simpson Internet company?

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