[Wine] Re: more bugs than features added?

JuanPabloCuervo wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Oct 23 14:53:46 CDT 2011

Regresion testing is uselss if developers are infiltrated by Microsoft.

havent heard Trojan Horse tactics?

Microsoft hires people to prove that "Linux" is unreliable...

its easy... to kill Linux
infiltrate the top10 most popular Open Souce softwares
& "Update them" by removing features. downgrade them.

so users & serious developers get discouraged with the free powerful open source alternative to Microsoft & Mac.

equals = Microsoft stocks go up.
"Windows is more reliable."

haven't you seen Bill Gates purchasing Homer Simpson Internet company?

people that have lots of money invested in Nasdaq software companies...
are afraid of Linux.
Action has been taken... confidence its restored... stocks go up.

use Lucid or Maverik
Wine 1.3.24
& do not update.

or buy a Mac.

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