[Wine] Re: Spotify Issues

lanzd wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Oct 23 14:58:52 CDT 2011

Allright, I'm still getting the same error.  I read somewhere if I try to run a program using wine from the terminal It will give output that will help figure out the problem.  I thought the command to run a program in wine was just

wine "program name"       no quotes


wine DiabloII.exe
wine Diablo II.exe

do not work, I even copied and pasted the same name as the icon in my diablo II folder that is used to run it and still no luck.

I feel I'm not in the right directory but when I try to navigate past the folder "Program Files" in the terminal it won't let me because of the space.

Again, When I run the video test it says to the liking of "The video test had not detected any usable video modes"

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