[Wine] Re: more bugs than features added?

lahmbi5678 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Oct 23 16:08:39 CDT 2011

Hi JuanPabloCuervo,

I don't think, Codeweavers and the wine project have been infiltrated, the current regressions are due to some inevitable bugs and architectural changes. There have been a lot of situations in the past with the same instabilities The DIB engine stuff or sound system changes are developed to do do things right(tm), instead of hacks, that will have to be repaired every few releases. Unfortunately that will mean regressions for some time now.

MS probably won't want to kill the wine project as a whole, because they may need competitors, if it comes again to an antitrust action. MS might change its opinion, if wine or reactos were capable of emulating a current Windows version like Windows 7, but that is very unrealistic. As long as wine is lagging behind, MS will certainly tolerate it. Wine is about to reach something like almost perfect Windows XP compatibility soon, but otoh Windows XP will run out of support in 2014. But most applications are still developed to be run on Windows XP, so the situation isn't too bad.

If there's one opensource project, that was infiltrated, then it's KDE with its bloated KDE 4, a bit like SAP software, both are expecting the user and the reality/processes to be adjusted to the software and not vice versa, as it should be. The KDE 4 guys are closely followed by the Gnome guys with Unity, their general motto: "all your configs are belong to us" and their Unity motto: "use mobile GUI or d..". Both KDE and Gnome expect you to get recent graphics hardware just for a simple GUI, of course you don't have to, but then your KDE/Gnome will either be slow (in a lot of cases) or dysfunctional (Unity). If I'm on linux, I usually use a really old KDE version (3.5 from opensuse) or LXDE.

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