[Wine] Re: Is AppDB broken?

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Oct 23 17:35:05 CDT 2011

WB0HYQ wrote:
> I have been trying for four days now to use AppDB.  When I tried the first time to create an account using my email address, I was told to wait for an email with my password in it.  I'm still waiting now four days later.  If I try to create a new account (using the old email) I am told "another account is using the email address".  Well, that's probably mine so why won't I get the confirmation (and password) email?
> If I go to the login page and enter my email, then click the "send me a new password" nothing happens there either.
> So, is the AppDB broken?

No, it's not broken. I can log in, and I just tested the "send me a new password" link and it works fine. The confirmation emails are probably being filtered out as spam. Try a different email address.

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