[Wine] Can't upgrade or reinstall wine

Acharn wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Oct 25 16:17:25 CDT 2011

I'm running Ubuntu 11.04. I wanted to hold off upgrading to 11.10 until they got some of the glitches fixed, but by coincidence (I guess) at the same time 11.10 became available the updater started listing what I presume is the upgrade from 1.2.2 to 1.2.3. I can't tell, because I can't get my system to install it. I keep getting the error message "Requires installation of untrusted packages." Then in the detail section is lists: "ttf-symgol-replacement-wine1.3 wine wine1.3 wine1.3-gecko winetricks."

OK, two of the windows programs I had installed suddenly started working (Ares and BitChe :P), and one game stopped working (Codename Panzers: Phase One [Crying or Very sad]). I wasn't able to add new applications to winecfg. When I checked the version number in the command line I kept getting 1.2.2. So I decided to try uninstalling and reinstalling. I eventually got the pieces uninstalled, although I had to restart to do it -- I guess some process was running in the background -- but now I can't reinstall it. I keep getting the same error message and the process stops.

Now I don't want to install wine 1.3. I was happy with 1.2, which winehq calls the stable version. I'm not running a server here, but I don't like spending my time fixing problems. I would like to install wine 1.2.3, but my system won't let me. I've been trying to do it through the Ubuntu Software Center because I don't know what package to specify on the command line, and I don't even know if the command line will work. Can anyone help me out here? I've also posted a request for help at Ubuntuforums.

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