[Wine] Civilization 4 OpenGL problem, Wine 1.3.31 on Mac OS Lion

Ryan Woodsmall rwoodsmall at mac.com
Wed Oct 26 00:41:05 CDT 2011

> Both versions of Mac OS uses XQuartz as system default (i.e. installed by OS).

Use the aftermarket Xquartz on both:


The X server in Lion may have the same version number, but there are some fixes in the download package that didn't make it into the OS-supplied package. These will install into /opt/X11 on both 10.6 & 10.7. There's also an RC of a new Xquartz that will probably be released in the next few weeks.

I've heard of a number of issues on Lion though, and my Macs are on 10.6 so YMMV.-r

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