[Wine] Keylogger question

Martin Gregorie martin at gregorie.org
Wed Oct 26 04:37:10 CDT 2011

On Wed, 2011-10-26 at 02:38 -0500, isobella wrote:
> In my experience, the keylogger is invisible, and it run with other
> applicatioons. What's more, most keyloggers are undetectable. While, I
> know a very simple way to detect it. Type CTRL + ALT + DELETE, it will
> open your Task Manager, Processes tab look for BKP. exe or AKL. exe,
> if you find the BKP. AKL exe or. exe's why you have keylogger. 
> * Remembering that if you can not always detect Keylogger by CTRL +
A more general way to find unexpected processes is to run "ps -ef" from
a terminal.  Either pipe it into less:

	ps -ef |less 

where you can search on keywords or simply scroll through the list, or,
if you already know the keyword, pipe it into grep: 

	ps -ef | grep '\.exe' 

will show you all the .exe programs that are currently running. If you
want to know more about a program, apropos and man are your friends:

	apropos wine
	man wine
apropos shows one line describing anything that has your search term in
the first line or its man page:

$ apropos wine
msiexec              (1)  - Wine MSI Installer
notepad              (1)  - Wine text editor
regedit              (1)  - Wine registry editor
regsvr32             (1)  - Wine DLL Registration Server
wine                 (1)  - run Windows programs on Unix
wineboot             (1)  - perform Wine initialization, startup, and
shutdown tasks
winecfg              (1)  - Wine Configuration Editor
wineconsole          (1)  - The Wine console
winefile             (1)  - Wine File Manager
winemine             (1)  - Wine Minesweeper game
winepath             (1)  - Tool to convert Unix paths to/from Win32
wineserver           (1)  - the Wine server

while typing "man wine" shows the whole man page.


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