[Wine] Getting started with porting to Mac OSX

cwswpl wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Oct 26 23:23:42 CDT 2011

Hi all, I'm your newest member, a software author of a few Windows apps.  

I've been wanting for years to somehow get them working on the Mac (and possibly Linux depending on demand) without a major rewrite, and it looks like Wine may be just what I'm been looking for.

I've read what introductory info I can find but I'm still trying to get my head around how the whole thing works and how I would set it up.  Some answers to the following would be much appreciated to get me started:

1. Do I build with static Wine libraries (or source) to produce a native Mac binary?  Or do I build a regular Windows exe and then it runs against Wine dynamic libraries to simulate the expected Windows API environment on the Mac?

2. Does the build process have to happen on a Mac, and if so what compiler?  Or can I build on Windows with Visual Studio in a special Wine configuration to create a Mac executable that I copy across?

3. Can you point me to any guides or info that specifically describes the process and considerations for porting Windows apps to Mac for developers?

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