[Wine] unusual text/mour/menu behaviours

john_lee wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Oct 27 12:26:07 CDT 2011

I'm using PlayOnLinux to manage my Wine installations.
I am attempting to use FirstClass email client with wine on an Ubuntu 11.10 installation.

The application runs well except for a few very annoying things:
- when a window first opens, it doesn't interact with the mouse properly: 
1) no matter where the window opens on the screen, menus will open in the top corner of the display
2) you cannot select text properly, the mouse selection jumps all over the screen

Both of these behaviors disappear if you move the windows a little with the mouse before you try to select text or select a menu.  It is like the application is unsure of where the window is one the screen, until you move it a bit.

FirstClass is the only application I currently have that displays this behaviour.

I've tried a few things to solve this:
- switching the riched20.dll native (didn't work)
- switching to various versions of wine (didn't work)
- When I turn off "allow the window manager to decorate the windows' and 'allow the window manager to control the windows' this strange behaviour disappears.  However, this makes the Wine application windows always stay on top of everything else - interfering with work.

So, does anyone have another suggestion for resolving this problem that I might try?

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