[Wine] Fping-appreciate some help please

cabsandy wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Oct 29 16:49:15 CDT 2011

First post so be gentle-I have a specific app I use for network testing called Fping http://www.kwakkelflap.com/fping.html. It all works in WIndows but I'm trying to make the cross-over into Linux and this is a tool I use on a daily basis, hence the need to make it work
I did ask on the Ubuntu forums but got short shrift, being told I should use the built in PING tool-fair comment but this app has a few more things in it-and besides, I just *like* it! ;-)
Doing some research, it seems something to do with the hook into Winsock? I have tried WINE but all I get is a "file not found", when the file is clearly there, in the dir I have put it. Could one of the more experienced memebers on here (I'm still learning on LInux) give this a try and see what they find out?


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