[Wine] Re: Wine recognizes GeForce GTX 560 as GeForce 8300GS

claudio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Oct 29 17:50:32 CDT 2011

slopoke wrote:
> I really appreciate what you are doing for the two of us, but all I can do with code is look at it. I don't know what a "opengl renderer string" is or where to find it. I don't understand what you want me/us to do. No offense, but you are way over my head here. That's my fault, not yours.
> My card specs are: 9600GT, 1GB of video RAM, Shader 4. Yes, I'm using the Nvidia binary driver, version 280.13. I hope that answers what questions I think you're asking.

No prob then..
As I understand it, if I can try to summarize the problem, when initializing wined3d, for each adapter wine collects a lot of information to determine how to use the card internally [...]

This is because there are many subtly different video cards, with different frequency, amount of RAM, shader pipelines, quirks etc.

Something in the specific check that tries to select the correct nvidia adapter goes wrong in your case, and falls back to a kinda "default" for nvidia cards with directx >= 10, the 8300GS.
Quirks and GL capabilities are applied based on that.

After that, if you provide a vendorid/deviceid manually, that information overrides what wine has guessed for (at least) the purpose of reporting the information to the application.

> Now that Wine has reached this point in dealing with graphic cards, all I want to do is have some relatively useful way to tell Wine what my card is so the info can be passed to whatever game or other app I'm using. Useful being: I can not code. Frankly, it sounds like Lauri might tend in that direction also (sorry if I misunderstand).

What you want to do makes a lot of sense, but telling wine what card you have is not as straightforward as it might seem.
Changes to the wined3d code are at least currently necessary to support each card variant basically, even just a few lines, until they have built a good collection.

note: I am just a wine user like you.. I often had to hack the wine code to kick the thing into running though.

Lauri's problem seems similar, even though a little bit different: his vendorid/deviceid is probably currently not in the table at all. It might be just a couple lines of codes to add it, but still.

If you want to try to investigate further, you might give me the gl renderer string of your video card, and the real vendorid/deviceid reported by your card, and I could try giving you a patch. But then you would have to learn how to manage the source, apply patches, build from source etc. Otherwise no prob, I understand. Cheers

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