[Wine] Re: Upper Memory

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Oct 29 18:29:43 CDT 2011

Dangbert wrote:
> Excuse me, but your latest STABLE is  Version 1.2.3.

And that version is a year old, and you'd still be told to try the latest development release if you were using it. The point is to find out if the problem you're seeing now has been fixed or not. 

> While I could compile the source for 1.3.3, there being no PCLinuxOS precompiled  version, I really an not comfortable putting that on my system and possibly having to pull it off. 

The latest development release is 1.3.31. You don't have to install the Wine you compile; it can be run from the build directory without uninstalling what you have.

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