[Wine] Re: Wine recognizes GeForce GTX 560 as GeForce 8300GS

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Oct 29 18:50:42 CDT 2011

claudio wrote:
>  Your assertion that registry overrides both is true. Only when it happens, stuff has already happened.

I repeat myself, Wine does not care what card you have. It does not use detected vendor or model.

The only thing Wine "uses" out of that table is VRAM size to track it's use and report to application. In reality Wine doesn't need this either, only to tell game when it "ran out of vram". Which is an oxymoron for OpenGL, which has no concepts of size of VRAM.

So all 3 things can be overrided via registry,  only necessary for game and won't affect Wine.

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