[Wine] Re: Wine recognizes GeForce GTX 560 as GeForce 8300GS

claudio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Oct 30 14:21:34 CDT 2011

slopoke wrote:
> Congratulations, Lauri. Glad it worked out for you.
> I, however, still have a question. claudio asked us to find the renderer string.

Yes, because the opengl renderer string is checked in the wine "guess" function to map to a certain deviceid.
In your case, since the deviceid and vendorid are already present and correct, I suspected something might not work right in the opengl renderer string check. Just a guess.

There is no need to pass the opengl renderer string to wine, it is something it can do alone very easily by calling a GL library function.

The wine code as it is now maps strings containing "GT 140" or "9600" to the GEFORCE 9600GT. What is your real opengl renderer string?

If you open a terminal you can type something like "glxinfo | grep -i render"

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