[Wine] Re: ATI Graphics card

DaVince wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Oct 30 18:06:42 CDT 2011

blaiseg07 wrote:
> solo2101 wrote:
> > i know that Linux and WINE are not in love with ATI cards (yet), but i 
>   It's that ATI/AMD is notoriously not in love with GLX or OpenGL on Linux unless someone makes them stand-up like in the case of Rage in the Windoze world. I'm sure the WineD3D devs have stories of submitting bug reports to ATI.

Honestly, it really depends on the card. Linux and Wine on my previous laptop handles the ATI graphics card really well.

Now I have a laptop with an NVidia GPU but the whole hybrid graphics thing is getting in the way of me being able to use it.

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