[Wine] Slow Game movies in seperate X server

Psycho Game wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Oct 30 20:00:47 CDT 2011

I've searched for an answer on this one, but couldn't find a topic on this.
Today I read something about running games in a seperate x-server.
This could have benefits for some games so I was told.
I already managed to get the seperate x-server to start, and for wine to run a executable in there.
Now here comes my problem, which is that playback of game video's (cutscenes etc.) is very slow in this seperate x-server.
I went back into the normal x-server and ran the game, in which video playback was at normal speed.
Does anyone have an explanation for this, and maybe some workaround if I'm doing anything wrong?

The script I'm using to run in seperate x-server is:
X :2 -ac -terminate & sleep 2
DISPLAY=:2 nice -20 env WINEPREFIX="/home/jasper/.wine" WINEDEBUG=-all wine C:\\Program\ Files\\Firaxis\ Games\\Sid\ Meier\'s\ Pirates!\\Pirates!.exe

Also I have a Intel 945G Graphics chip (I know this really sucks with games).

Greetings Psycho Game

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