[Wine] Re: Wine recognizes GeForce GTX 560 as GeForce 8300GS

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Oct 30 23:26:51 CDT 2011

claudio wrote:
> wined3d: rename nVidia GTX560 to GTX560TI, add GTX560 with correct deviceid

Send patch to wine-patch mailing list. They are not picked up from the forum.

slopoke wrote:
> I don't see anywhere to put the render string.

There isn't one, you can't override the description with any free form text. Well not directly. If you choose vendor & device IDs that match something in Wine's table, then Wine uses corresponding description. So in OP's case he should have used 0x10de : 0x1200 instead.

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