[Wine] Problem with directsound / Gothic

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Mon Oct 31 15:55:49 CDT 2011

Am Montag, 31. Oktober 2011, 05:11:09 schrieb vitamin:
> Helmut Pozimski wrote:
> > I have tried the following wine versions so far:
> > 1.1.36
> > 1.2.3
> > 1.3.12
> Starting from wine-1.3.29 big parts of sound system were rewritten. You
> need to be using the latest Wine version (wine-1.3.31) if you want any
> help from this forum. Also don't use Play On Linux, it's also not
> supported here.
Well, as far as I see on winehq.org, version 1.2.3 is the current stable 
release and users are being warned against using the development version 
because it could (and will) contain regressions. I also believe my problem is 
not related to the version since I experience the same behaviour across all 
the versions mentioned. But I will of course try version 1.3.31 and report 
back if it helped in any way.

Regarding POL I believe this is free software and the choice which software I 
want to use is up to me. It's just a very conveniend frontend to run multiple 
wine prefixes and versions in parallel and manage applikations. Of course I 
also try everything in plain (or vanilla or whatever you call it) wine before 
asking for help.

Kind Regards
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