[Wine] Re: Question on Wine CPU usage

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Sep 2 09:03:05 CDT 2011

cnbiz850 You are exposing a techical difference between Windows and Linux/Posix/Unix

Wine does not do the Windows manager job.  Under windows there is a active window bias.  Ie Active window gets more CPU time.  Linux Windows managers don't do this.  So what you are calling inactive is not as such.

minimising windows in Windows also causes them to lose CPU access.  Linux not the case. 

Yes I know is kinda shocking the scheduler will serve up more time to an application running in wine than in virtualbox.  Its one of the reason why games run a lot better in wine at times than virtualbox.

Maybe one day Windows Managers under X11 will get smarter and adjust application biases when they don't have screen view.

"After all, it is at his desire to see the resource usage drop when he puts the apps run at the background (by switching desktop and/or minimising the windows), so that he can use the resource to do something else. "

This is a windows nature desire.  Not a Unix or Posix one.  Unix and Posix world does not link performance and displayed status.

Cgroup around applications can tell the scheduler to give processor less cpu time.

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