[Wine] Re: Native mp3 playback winemp3.acm/l3codeca.acm regression?

joki wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Sep 2 12:08:16 CDT 2011

what a way to reply to someone.  [Laughing] 

read my posts again - there is no contradiction.
I thought well maybe you have a point but no.
I know what the workaround is all about, read my posts.

wine 1.2.3 does not work regarding acm, workaround nor linmpg123, using official packages.

wine 1.3.26 kind of works with acm using libmpg123 (as i stated previously). there is a bug with reported elapsed time.

I have spent enough time on this for the benefit of the wine project without the hassle of bug filing,  with attitude like that i'm off.

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