[Wine] Re: Another TAPI issue (Microkey Millennium)

jorl17 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Sep 2 16:11:00 CDT 2011


That isn't going to work

+DWORD WINAPI phoneGetMessage(HPHONEAPP hPhoneApp, LPPHONEMESSAGE lpMessage, DWORD dwTimeout) 
+    FIXME("(%p, %p, %08x): stub.\n", hPhoneApp, lpMessage, dwTimeout); 
+    *lpdwNumDevs = 0; 
+    return 0; 

The lpdwNumDevs argument doesn't exist in that function. I'm also not sure about what to do with the remaining arguments, but I guess a simple stub such as that one *might* be enough for your program to run if you don't use this functionality.

So, remove "*lpdwNumDevs = 0; ".

Also, I', not familiar with wine's spec files, so I can't assure you that this is right:

+@ stdcall phoneGetMessage(long long ptr) 

However, from basic thinking, I'd say it's wrong and, instead of "long long ptr", it should read "long ptr long". Once again, someone should confirm this.  This assumes that HPHONEAPP is long, lpMessage is a pointer and dwTimeout, a dword, is long.



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