[Wine] Forum Software Update and mailing list gateway

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 12:57:55 CDT 2011

> A forum is much nicer and handier than a mailing list anyday, upgrade the forum!

The huge negative for a forum to me is that I am signed up to 20 to 30
mailing lists. All of which are delivered to google my email account.
For most of these I have a 3+ year history of every single non spam
post. When more of these become forums I will spend less time reading
posts and participating. I simply I do not have time to go to 20
different forum pages login, open and read messages ...

Although like I said in my first reply I do not participate much
anymore since I work 80+ hours a week on the day job just about every
week so the loss would not be that big..


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