[Wine] Re: Forum Software Update and mailing list gateway

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Sep 3 13:22:37 CDT 2011


Please do not turn this thread into a debate over the merits of the forum vs. the mailing list. That's about as fruitful as trying to convince a chocolate lover that strawberry is the superior flavor. We each have our preferences, and need to respect the others.  

The question at hand is whether the forum should be held back because of the belief that there should only be one support channel. I say no; the "unity" is an illusion to begin with. I do not, however, believe the mailing list should be killed off. I say split them, and see what happens. If its members are sufficiently interested, it will keep going. Perhaps it will even thrive if its members don't have to contend with the forum. If not, it will die a natural death. Whatever happens, so be it.

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