[Wine] Re: Forum Software Update and mailing list gateway

jorl17 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Sep 3 21:22:39 CDT 2011

dimesio wrote:
> jorl17 wrote:
> > It's hard for me to envision a support channel as great as this one without both of these components.
> And yet you, like everyone else here, did not notice at all when messages from the mailing list stopped appearing on the forum for several months last year.

While that might be true, but I can't be sure of that, since I might not have been active in the forum around that period. 

The question boils down to this:
During that time, was there a noticeable increase of difficulty in terms of solving threads? In other words: did the lack of support from the mailing list visibly affect the "help"?

It just doesn't feel right to me to cut off the option of accessing this joint discussion through another "gateway". And if the answer to that questions is "yes", then I'm afraid it will be really bad for the user experience. After all, that's what the forums are here for: to help the users. Whatever's better for them is better for us, right?

But you make a good point Dimesio. A very good point in fact. If there wasn't a noticeable decrease in thread quality, then I'd have to give my thumbs up to this idea...

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