[Wine] How optimize games for AT/AMD Radeon Cards

paulthetall wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Sep 4 16:29:00 CDT 2011

I have an Imac AMD Radeon Card and an NVidia Card. Games like Medal of Honor Allied Assault and code of Honor French Legion (just a 2 of the alot) has specific issues comparing with nvidia cards. in those games nvidia cards run smoothly but ATI cards/AMD Radeon do work, but "stotter" when walking and turning at the same time. Playing the games with Nvidia has not that issue. 

In other games ATI/AMD Radeon gives graphical glitches and Nvidia cards not...Because i use Lion OSX there are not some graphical drivers i can update or something.

Anyone knows what options are the best for AMD radeon cards? and or how to fix glitches and that stottering?I know the UseGLSL put to disabled can fix some issues, but are the more stuff you can do too?

Many thanks in advance

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