[Wine] Re: Ubuntu and Windows and Sage.........

ubudunce wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Sep 5 05:02:29 CDT 2011


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I have received this from another forum - would anyone like to comment?

"I've never used Wine so couldn't comment - Sage uses RSA Encryption for passwords so, if the folders are not there, I suspect it would cause the problem you are seeing. It would certainly explain the problem with the users with no password as, even with those, it effectively needs to decrypt a blank password."

The best? and only suggestion I have had so far is not to use Wine??? maybe you guys can comment? My confusion is that others seem to have used Sage on Wine, successfully, but having un-installed and installed several times, the problem is the same on both local and net based versions, so it has to be something at a fundamental layer...... A password interpretation problem seems to fit the bill, but whether it is a password entry, storage or comparison problem is beyond me at the present.

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