[Wine] Re: Schoolzone windows application

macka601 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Sep 5 05:53:41 CDT 2011

Sorry guys that i haven't been back to this, i have been busy. 

Anyhow - i've kinda satisfied some errors and made others... but i have posted this link. It's got to a point where it's crashing in a windows sense.. pops up and says that it's gone critical.... so it must have done something right? 
Although i don't think i'm running the right "main" exe.

Um - what else, yes, i ran the installer from wine, but it crashes in that as well. I think it's more when it's decompressed files into the program directory and then tried to run it, and crashes. 

Anyhow - here's the link to the output, if there's anything in there of interest please let me know

Thanks for your help too. 


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