[Wine] Re: Wine 1.3.26 no output from linux console to windows console

C3PO wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Sep 5 09:36:08 CDT 2011

Jim Hall wrote:
> Did I read that correctly? You want to access Linux root privileges from Wine?
> Jim

Not exactly. 

Far runs console programs in background and displays the results. It can change file attributes and file owners. But running through wine on UNIX system, it cannot display output of linux commands|console programs in the background neither can it change file attributes, owners etc. 

But, FAR has WinSCP plugin which integrates FAR panel on the remote host file system. Through that plugin you can run unix console programs on a remote host and see the results in FAR, you can all so change file attributes, rename file, change file owner, recursively or not using file native interface integrated in FAR.

If you connect to a local host using WinSCP plugin from FAR running under WINE you get full functionality of FAR panels and interfaces like it's a native UNIX application. i.e. you can run commands and the results you can access file attributes with FAR interface, rename, set use a full range of file operations.

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