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> 2. I need SketchUp running again in some days. I used the PPA because the
> 1.2.3 wasn't sufficient and I hoped/was too curious for further
> improvements. Is there a way somehow to revert to a version between 1.3.10
> and 1.3.26? The download page always replaces the installers by the most
> current version. Alternatively I would have to be content with the old
> stable 1.2.3.
> You can go download the source for 1.3.x
http://sourceforge.net/projects/wine/files/Source/  then just compile it
yourself.  Doesn't take that long.  If on ubuntu/debian style (if you don't
compile previously), sudo apt-get build-dep wine should be sufficient for
dev files for compiling (if your on 64bit ubuntu gstreamer 32bit,
opencl 32bit, GetText 32bit OSSv4 are not supported by this build-dep since
it's building for 1.2, but for most app's that's ok, if you need  gstreamer
32bit/opencl 32bit, etc you'll have to find them manually and install them).

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